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Determining Your Skin Undertone & Match Your Makeup

by Fragrance 202 on March 02, 2020

Today, all that foundation and concealer jargon will finally become so much clearer. After reading this, we promise that you’ll never struggle again when it comes to knowing which shade of foundation is Mr. Right for you. So, have a scroll and find out.

You’ve just run out of your holy grail foundation, so you pop up to the shops and walk over to the makeup aisles only to find yourself feeling massively overwhelmed. You want to try something new but have no idea where to start. Do you stick to the norm or be a little bit more adventurous? You know you’ll be searching online anyway to get the best price around.

When it comes to finding a new concealer, makeup science is a little bit easier. We know that a pink tone is good for covering up dark circles and the yellower the color the better it is to cover up red blemishes. However, it’s the foundation that makes pull the whole base together that tends to be the trickiest, so let’s dive into the nitty-gritty.

Determining Your Undertone

Check out your jewelry

If you haven’t noticed already, you probably already sway to either gold or silver jewelry because you prefer how it looks against your skin. If you tend to like gold jewelry you’re more likely to have a warm undertone or you find it enhances your tan (fake or not). Silver and platinum tend to flatter cooler undertones.

Look at your veins

If you examine your wrist – yes, it sounds odd but trust us – if your veins have a green tinge you’re likely to be on the warmer side and if they’re blue or purplish-looking, you’ll be on the cooler side.

What is your preferred hair color?

Whether you play around with different hair colors or not, this could also help indicate what your skin undertone is. Platinum and ashy blondes tend to complement the cooler side and colors enriched with mahogany and gold really suit the warmer side.

How To Match Your Makeup

If you have a warm undertone…

Foundations that look slightly more yellow and rich in the bottle are likely to suit your skin best. Warmth compliments warmth, it’s only natural.

If you have a cool undertone…

The perfect shade for you will have a slight pink tone to it and will look the most natural. You should definitely avoid yellowish foundations unless you’re looking for a shade to match your fake tan. If you have luscious darker skin, look out for the rich redder tones.

If you have an olive undertone…

If you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous, olive skin, you’re best off looking for shades that aren’t too yellow as you can pretty much let your natural skin color do the work for you.

If you’re all neutral…

Of course, not everyone is one or the other. People with neutral undertones tend to look better in foundations with a peachy shade that’s just in between. It’s probably best to test out three shades in a row as they often alternate between cool, neutral and warm.


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