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Beauty Planet and love

by Fragrance 202 on January 07, 2020

Love and Beauty planet, believe that looking good, feeling, eating good, goes hand in hand while doing good and contributing positively to society. They have created lots of fantastic products that we all love and love to use.

They only had one goal in mind, that is, whatever they are doing must be good, and beautiful while giving a little back to the planet. They have shared their journey with us; they have worked to make the earth more beautiful; they are passionate about beauty.

Goodies and Beauty

They have infused their collection with natural ingredients such as murumuru butter, and coconut oil, they are committed to high-quality products, Love Beauty Planet only use the best quality ingredients in their products.

 The best Scent and Sensibility

Love Beauty and Planet sourced all their products through ethical means; their products are infused with ethically sourced oil, such as Moroccan mimosa flower, French Heirloom lavender, or Bulgarian rose petals. They want to delight you in the shower, while pampering your senses, they know that some of these extracts are fragile and rare, so they ensure to source them ethically and responsibly.

 Less Carbon footprint

Transparency is essential to Love Beauty and Planet; they have made every effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Also, they have committed to reducing their carbon emission by 

20% by the end of 2020. Listed below are very favorite products made by Love Beauty and Planet.

1)   Muru-Muru Butter & Rose Hair Masque – this mask helps keep your hair looking healthy, radiant, and vibrant. Muru-muru, is infused with a light treatment to give your hair a glossy, and healthy-looking hair.

2) Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Face Sheet Mask – An instant anti-pollution mask that helps neutralize the effects of pollution on your skin. 

Bring the spa home with this sheet mask infused with a blend of refreshing tea tree oil and vetiver. 

3) Shea Butter & Sandalwood Shampoo – Don’t let hair dehydration give you a bad hair day. This shampoo infused with natural shea butter hydrates hair for a lusciously moisturized feel. Immerse your hair in the delicate, sensual, and mysterious scent of Australian sandalwood oil.

4) Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Body Lotion – Give your skin a boost of freshness with this coconut water-infused body lotion. Your body will feel hydrated and refreshed for 24 hours and is left with a delicate mimosa flower scent.

5) Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang Shower Gel – Always dreamed of living the island life? Bathe your skin in a delicate tropical touch and enter your private cabana. Infused with organic coconut oil, and ylang-ylang flower, this shower gel nourishes your skin with an early morning freshness. The hint of holiday in your shower!

Argan Oil & Lavender Roll-On – Vegan deodorant? Yes, please, need we say more? Gives you 24-hour odor protection, to make sure smell beautiful all day long.



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